Lemniscate Infinity Realm: Mana Cycle

Student Entrant 2024

Maryville University (Justin Kai Alvey), Missouri S&T (Morgan Johnson), Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (Jack Caesar)
Lemniscate Games


Lemniscate Infinity Realm: Mana Cycle is a puzzle-party game originally developed for the Missouri Technology Student Association's high school video game design competition, made by students Justin Alvey, Jack Caesar and Morgan Johnson. The game features single-player story content, local versus multiplayer, battles against customizable AI difficulties, 7 playable characters with unique properties, an original soundtrack, and more!
[Game Modes]
-Story Mode: Play through a series of single-player challenges with cutscenes in between. A great starting place for new players!
-Versus: Play against a local friend or CPU opponent in a 1v1 duel! 10 difficulties of AI, 7 playable characters, toggleable abilities, optional multi-life system, and more!
-Endless: Survive as long as you can in seven different difficulties of this endurance training challenge!
-Arcade: Play through a series of AI battles, your health carries over between battles!
-Gauntlet: Play through an endless arcade mode with roguelite elements! Choose your battles. earn equipment and coins, purchase items, and survive as far as you can!
-Z-Challenges: These are a series of super-difficult challenges designed to test the best of the best. Play if you dare!
-Achievements: Earn achievements by playing the game and view them in the settings menu!