Entrant 2024

LightBear Software Inc.


A rogue like game featuring a fat bear trying to escape the Golden Apiary. Unfortunately, his sight diminishes the further he goes from the center. He must gather Light Spheres in order to expand his vision and progress further. Help the bear become more aware. There are numerous monsters a long the path that are a mix of a color, shape, and face. Because a monster is a combo of these 3 different things there are over 1000+ possibilities. There is also gear that makes your bear stronger within each level generated maze. Inspired by the Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Yoshi's Island (among other things). The first prototype of the game was made in 2008 over 12 years ago. The developer finally committed to finishing it when he finally decided "Just learn to draw!" because of his difficulty of finding a committed artist. The game was released (FINALLY!) on Steam and the Epic Games store in September and is available for purchase. Discover the secrets and joy in the world of LightBear.