LISA: Definitive Edition

Entrant 2024

Dingaling Productions & Serenity Forge


Enter the twisted land of Olathe, where the apocalyptic "White Flash" has wiped out all women, leaving behind a ravaged land governed by warlords, imbeciles, and perverts. Embark upon a relentless journey in two parts that forces you to confront yourself through tragedy, comedy, and brutality–and do whatever it takes to emerge on the other side with your humanity intact.

LISA: Definitive Edition finalizes the LISA experience with:
HD graphics and pixel-perfect integer scaling.
120 FPS mode for PC and current-gen consoles.
Brand-new campfire conversations, so you can mourn the permanent deaths of party members even more deeply.
New enemies and formidable bosses that will push your skills to the limit.
New quests featuring never-before-seen battles and dialogue.
New stories and multiple endings that offer fresh perspectives on the intricate world of LISA.
Updated battle systems introducing new "Warlord Skills," updated timed attacks, and UI overhauls.
New border art overlays for wide-screen viewing.
A new music player to listen to your favorite tracks and 20+ new Definitive Edition-exclusive songs.
Painless (story) mode for a more accessible and narrative-focused playthrough.
Controller features utilizing Nintendo Switch HD Rumble, PlayStation DualSense haptics, light bar, adaptive triggers and DualShock 4/DualSense speaker audio.
Many secrets and hidden surprises waiting to be found.