Little Delivery Robot

Student Entrant 2024

Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
Petra Emmerová


Hello, little delivery robot. Welcome to the WaultTM family, a company providing package delivery services in New Prague. You'll bring joy to people and deliver various small packages to them, such as delicious food, pharmacy medications, or hard drugs. Don't worry that everyone is hidden behind thick concrete walls and can't go outside; everything is fine here. So, fuel up and embark on your journey!

In this game I tried to convey my feelings about war on drugs, social isolation and mental health. You play as autonomous delivery robot, firstly delivering packages your company picked for you, then making your own decisions what to carry. Meanwhile, in the background, society goes through drug prohibition and its consequences. This all is played in futuristic dystopian setting, where all people are isolated behind concrete walls and cannot go outside.