Little Learning Machines

Entrant 2024

Transitional Forms


Train Little Learning Machines to Succeed In Quests

Harness the power of real neural networks to befriend, train, and solve quests with customizable AI robots in Little Learning Machines.

Each quest brings a new island to explore, opportunities to train your robots in increasingly complex skills with different items, and more brain-bending challenges to overcome

The World of Little Learning Machines

The Little Learning Machines game tells the story of Imogen, a crystal from the cosmos that crash lands on an island planet full of ancient inanimate robots. Imogen can use pieces of their crumbling form to bring them back to life in the hope of helping them traverse this strange new world.

These newly discovered robots are clueless by default, so they require training, which takes place in a magical place called the Training Cloud. This is where positive/negative reinforcement, presented through the intuitive love/fear rewards system, comes into play, and as the neural network of each robot develops, unique personalities and skills will begin to emerge.

Little Learning Machines & You

As you spend time together, your little learning machines and their neural networks will evolve. Their personalities and skills will begin to emerge, and bonds will be developed with each other and with you! While playing and succeeding on quests together across diverse island worlds with whimsical stories and creatures, you will also evolve your skills with reinforcement learning.