Long Gone Days

Entrant 2024

This I Dreamt & Serenity Forge


Rourke's life was always predetermined. As a child of The Core, he was chosen from birth to be a sniper. Just like that, training for this role became his world. But on his first mission, he realizes that the war he's been training for his entire life isn't what it seems, and everything changes. Rourke never anticipated being called a deserter, but there has to be a way to stop this war and end the bloodshed.

In Long Gone Days, embark on a journey where you will grapple with numerous real-world complexities, including an intricate web of language barriers. Every encounter becomes a pivotal moment, as the ripples of your choices extend to shape the fates of those around you. Can you rise above these formidable barriers, forging connections that transcend linguistic confines, or will the unforgiving grasp of warfare shatter the fragile bonds you endeavor to build? The answers lie in your hands, as you navigate a narrative that delves deep into the essence of shared humanity.

Unfortunately, peace is elusive in Long Gone Days, and Rourke's expertise as a sniper frequently comes into play. Spot and take down targets from afar or engage up-close in strategic, turn-based combat where specific parts of an enemy's body can be targeted. Rourke's shots will change the world and plot of Long Gone Days.