Student Entrant 2024

Texas A&M University
Team Chad Wazowski


The sun has set which means that the night festivities celebrating the arrival of fall are about to begin! However, as it gets closer to the start of the event, it seems that everyone is scrambling to get things started. Play as a bustling festival organizer within the cozy medieval monster town of "Luminary" and make sure that your festival vendors and attendees are satisfied! Various characters need your help, primarily a busy baker, a gruff blacksmith, and a child who can't keep track of their belongings. Juggle festival errands as fast as you can and get the highest score possible in "Luminary"!
"Luminary" was created as part of Texas A&M University's Summer Industry Course program, where students have 10 weeks to complete a game under the guidance of industry mentors and faculty. With a focus on lush character and environment design, "Luminary" brings a fast-paced experience inspired by the frantic role of being an event organizer and blends it with soft, stylized visuals.