The Making of Karateka

Entrant 2024

Digital Eclipse


Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner was a college student when he created one of the biggest-selling games of 1984: Karateka. In this nonfiction interactive documentary, Digital Eclipse tells the story of how a teenager with an Apple II created one of the most groundbreaking, influential games of all time.

‍Discover how Karateka was made through an exhaustive archive of design documents, playable prototypes, and video features. Like walking through a museum, you can explore the interactive timelines at your own pace. The timelines reveal how Karateka became one of the first games to include cinematic scenes, a moving original soundtrack, rotoscoped animation, and a Hollywood-style love story, influencing the decades of games that followed.

At any time, you can play the original Karateka games and a variety of never-before-seen early prototypes, with quality-of-life features like save anywhere, rewind, chapter select, and director's commentary. Two new games are also included: Karateka Remastered is an all-new version of the original game featuring cutting-room-floor content, commentary, achievements, and more, while Deathbounce: Rebounded is a twin-stick shooter based on Jordan's unpublished prototype.