Me and My Witches

Entrant 2024

Sophie Lavergne


Set in a world where fairytales characters are all Gen Z college students, Me and My Witches is a visual novel about being a sexual assault survivor and a feminist - and therefore, a game about kicking butts.

Ariel is a good witch: she was told not to be "wicked" and therefore never uses her powers - exept to dye her hair green and charge her smartphone.

She'd rather focus on buying crop tops, drinking tequila shots on Friday nights, flirting with Princes with cute hair and writing English Lit essays.

But one night, Ariel's drink is spiked at a college party.

When she wakes up the next morning, she knows she's been sexually assaulted. But neither the university nor the police seem to want to do anything about it.

With the help of her friends, and of Violet, President of the campus' Feminist Society, Ariel is going to embark on one true investigation to find out whodunnit...

Expect cowardly wolves, toad wanting to be Princes, and a mysterious boy called Blue.

Oh, and don't forget to ruffle a few feathers: you're a witch. There are many spells you can cast to learn the truth - and some of them may well kick toxic masculinity where it hurts.