Monolith: Requiem of the Ancients

Entrant 2024


Set in a fantastical world full of ancient ruins, it's up to you to unearth the secrets of a lost civilization and stop the world from falling into darkness when Monolith: Requiem of the Ancients launches on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms in early 2024.

The world of Gliese is threatened by dark forces, revenants from a forgotten time. Astor, a young warrior, must rise and unearth the secrets of the past, exploring majestic, mysterious ruins and ancient temples in an epic fight for the planet's survival. Only Astor can gather the ancient powers and legendary weapons needed to stop an unholy ritual.

Journey across an expansive, colorful world, full of mystery and danger. Abandoned ruins and derelict temples from a long forgotten era pepper the landscape, teasing mysterious tales that you must uncover. Aided by an enigmatic presence, Astor will dive into an intricate storyline filled with iconic and endearing characters. Explore deep forests, sprawling deserts, frozen tundras, and crumbling ancient structures as you embark upon a globe-trotting adventure.