Mu Mu: Worlds of Connections

Entrant 2024

Speculative Devices Lab, DOTDOT, Worlds of Connection


Ever wondered what it's like to walk a mile in a prairie dog's paws? To sprout from a tiny seed and reach for the sun like a tree on a growth spurt? Or to be a robot tasked with growing food? How do you think these things are connected to health? Well, hello, hello. Welcome to the Farm Lab.

Get ready to delve into the near future – a merging of nature's brilliance, scientific marvels, innovation, and a dash of good old-fashioned discovery.

Introducing Mu Mu: Worlds of Connections, your ticket to exploring life from many angles. Walk a mile in their... roots? Branches? Paws? You get the picture.

Mu Mu: Worlds of Connections" is a Real-Time 3D Virtual Reality game that immerses players in an interactive storyworld of more-than-human entanglements. In this game, you'll apply systems thinking and network science to address planetary health and climate futures. As you embody the perspectives of plants, animals, and machines, you'll make changes, observe non-linear effects, and build crucial systems-thinking skills. This VR experience is set in the future, grounded in today's science, theories, and data. The first chapter, "Worlds of Connections," is set in the Farm Lab, a robot farm that practices precision agriculture and connects all ecosystem elements for sustainable food growth.

Got all that? Splendid! Suit up because your first quest awaits!