My Time at Sandrock

Entrant 2024


Nestled deep within the Wild West is a fascinating little city called Sandrock. Ravaged centuries ago during the Calamity, the city survives despite technologies and tools that are as rusty as the bonds between its inhabitants. Its only hope left: you, your tools and your Builder's skills to restore Sandrock to its former glory.

Explore a vast world filled with opportunities, live unforgettable adventures and rebuild Sandrock, with friends or on your own. Jump onto a galloping horse to search for mysteries and hidden treasures through incredible territories, facing creatures that are as zany as they are dangerous... and be sure to bring back all the resources you find to rebuild Sandrock!

Build and customize your headquarters and city buildings, craft modern tools and machinery, revive farming and ranching, and fix damaged Sandrock technologies. In the heart of the city, enjoy trading, relaxing and forming special bonds with the many residents. Discover their colorful personalities, their unique stories, and create new ones together!

• The much-anticipated follow-up to our award-winning, player-acclaimed sandbox simulation RPG My Time at Portia - This Time with friends in co-op!
• Embark on an exciting adventure backed by hundreds of engaging quests and over 30 charismatic and colorful characters.
• Gather resources to create and expand your own plot of land, create machines, grow crops, raise animals and sell your goods to the highest bidder.
• Spend time getting to know Sandrock's residents, uncovering fascinating backstories, take on challenging mini-games, offering gifts and building strong relationships along the way.
• Join friends to explore Sandrock, build, trade, enjoy mini-games and chill together in brand new multiplayer mode"