Entrant 2024

HexTech Studios


Odokonia is an epic crossover between an RTS game and a turn-based strategy game. Players submit their turns at the same time and action ordering is determined by the action's "roll order" and a small amount of chance. Set off at sea with a small, scrappy band of workers and build a new settlement in the Mayflower game mode, or quickly battle a few friends in King of the Hill. With four different game modes and full multi-player support, there are tons of ways to play.

Odokonia's unique turn-based system allows for new gameplay mechanics that you might not have seen before. Because actions have semi-predictable ordering, they can be ordered with the knowledge that some actions will happen before others. This allows players to perform time-saving combos and is a foundational mechanic of using transport units properly.

The maps in Odokonia are always generated fresh for every new game, which means that no two games will ever be the same. You also don't know what the map looks like, or where you are on it, until you explore it. This gives the game a very exciting feel to it, since you never know what riches or enemies lie around the next corner.