Omen Exitio: Hunger

Entrant 2024



The events told in Omen Exitio: Hunger start from real events set then within an extremely accurate historical framework, all draped in a typically Lovecraftian atmosphere. On February 11, 1927, a little boy named Billy Gaffney mysteriously disappears from his apartment in Brooklyn. The town is turned upside down by the authorities and the many volunteers who try to help, but there is no clue about the little boy. Only your intervention could shed some light on this drama. Through a cinematic and engaging narrative you will have to exploit your skills as a reporter and your keen powers of observation to search for clues and interrogate suspects. But your talents alone will not be enough.
To get closer and closer to the truth you may have to visit other worlds, interpret your dreams, and sometimes listen to your cat. We still don't know what lies beneath that macabre veil that has dropped over the city, Perhaps nothing but horror awaits us.