Orbo's Odyssey

Entrant 2024

Feverdream Softworks


Orbo Stetson is just your average personal assistant. He files documents, he drafts up risk mitigation plans for new products, and he can launch himself like a .50 caliber bullet when prompted. On this fateful day, however, Orbo and his coworker Peeb find themselves in a bit of a predicament... The automatic door opener has been fried, and with the duo lacking a single arm between them, they are now trapped in their Boss's office. It's up to Orbo to scrounge up enough gear parts across 4 unique product portals to engineer a prosethetic arm so that he and Peeb may finally open the door and escape from this unsavory work environment...

But not all is as it seems. Divine forces have conspired to set this adventure into motion, and Orbo might end up uncovering more about his workplace than he ever wanted to know...