Student Entrant 2024

e-artsup Bordeaux
Game Designers / Programmers : Cynthia Bon, Marc Lecomte Game Artists : Chloé Bedin, Diane Le Mercier, Virgil Lecomte, Prune Martin, Brian Palma Sound Designers : Alexis Boisselet, Hugo Feyzeau, Loris Tessier


Osel is a young orphan living in a world of eternal daylight.

On his tenth birthday, he travels to the temple of Sil'Nahyl to perform a sacred ritual, under the blessing of Mirinae, the goddess who watches over the world.

Through ancestral frescoes, he learns more about this entity of light and the history of his people.

Mirinae then entrusts him with a most strange quest: to reveal a Truth buried beneath centuries of History.

She will lend him part of her divine power to find the Fragments of Truth.

Armed with his ingenuity and this new power, he sets off in search of answers, and discovers the existence of a second goddess, Lopon, guardian of the night, who was once driven from this kingdom by the very people who worshipped her.

The temple once dedicated to her then reappears, floating in the air above us, hidden all these years under an invisible veil, like a misty echo of Mirinae's temple.

Explore a magical universe, make your way through opposing temples where your every action will be reflected and unravel the mysteries of the past...