Pioneers of Pagonia

Entrant 2024

Envision Entertainment


The build-up strategy game Pioneers of Pagonia is all about exploration, discovery, and reuniting the fantastical islands of Pagonia. Build over 40 different buildings, use more than 70 different types of goods, manage widely branched production chains, and get creative in establishing your economy.

In a world of countless islands populated with scattered villages, you travel and lead your people as a visionary to forge alliances with the inhabitants, after helping each other and gaining their trust. Send out your pioneers to discover untouched soil, find hidden resources and explore secret places.

Enjoy the fantastical and inviting world of Pagonia, where your carefully considered decisions cause thousands of bustling inhabitants to satisfy your orders. Every transport of goods, manufacturing process and discovery your people make is comprehensible and presented with lovely animations in this ultimate game world simulation.

Use your creativity to build up your road network and economy, which offers an enormous depth of play with over 40 building types, more than 70 different goods and widely branched production chains. Protect your population from hostile animals, plundering bandits and mythical creatures.

Explore the infinite variations of the procedurally generated maps, which offer new challenges every time.