Price of Flight

Entrant 2024

Waterbox Interactive


Fight, flight, and steal to survive in PRICE OF FLIGHT, the bird-based bloodsport of the future. Aid the failing Avian Resistance, save yourself, or die on live TV in this board game-inspired RPG.

Pulling from JRPG battles, roguelike unpredictability, and Mario Party, our team of four did our worst. We call this pastiche a "gamelike." In the dark future of 20XX , the High Council of Eagleland has declared war on all birds. Your randomly-selected flock must scrounge to survive its migration around the game board. You'll make hard choices about when to fight or fly away. "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style events will impact your future in ways you can't predict. You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile, driving directly into a tree. Anything can happen in THE PRICE OF FLIGHT.

Aggressive austerity mechanics emphasize resource management in every decision. How many items can you afford to steal from an enemy before their attacks become too deadly? Will you eat stolen food to heal, or burn it for fuel? Even a fortunate flock is still a small party traveling light. Optional challenges like collecting Score Gems will push even pro players to perch themselves in precarious positions.