The Ritual

Student Entrant 2024

Texas A&M University - School of Performance, Visualization and Fine Arts


'The Ritual' is a third-person, 3D spooky and charming puzzle game. You play as a demonic spirit that has been summoned to our mortal realm by an elderly woman who seeks to use your power to help her reunite with her dead loved ones. However, your journey to the land of the living has drained you of all your power! You must collect items around the Granny's ranch property to complete a ritual that will restore your strength!
Watch out, you must travel only in shadows to avoid banishment. Interact with objects and complete puzzles to manipulate lights and shadows to traverse the ranchito. Even worse, the neighbors called the Exorcist to check out the property. Don't get too close to him, or he will banish you on the spot.
Good luck playing, pequeno demonios!