Slasher U: An 18+ Horror Movie Dating Sim

Entrant 2024

Andi Santagata


SLASHER U: An 18+ Horror Movie Dating Sim is a story-rich, systems-heavy dating RPG set at America's Horniest Horror Movie University! Using the medium of horror-comedy, SLASHER U explores sex, trauma, genuine companionship, and the freakish bonds that draw certain weirdos together, featuring a proprietary narrative design system that triggers events based on NPC feelings in a modular way, y2k mallgoth era artwork and vibes, and an open-world map with an array of mechanics and minigames. It's ALSO known for its full-blown sex mechanics lovingly designed and tailored to be narratively congruent to each dateable's story arc! SLASHER U is one solo dev's love letter to RPG romance as a genre - and an exploration of what makes some people feel more like monsters inside than others.

SLASHER U: ACT 1 is available on Steam &!