Son of the Dragon King

Entrant 2024

Diehard Studios / GAMECR3W


SotDK merges nostalgia with innovation, combining classic beat 'em up action, immersive storytelling, RPG-like character growth, and crafting items. Your journey of honor and redemption will shape feudal Japan's destiny. Will you rise as the ultimate hero against elemental warlords?

Step into the dark and captivating world of fantastical feudal Japan in the game Son of the Dragon King! Immerse yourself in a bloody conflict where players take on the role of the brave son of the Dragon King, fighting against unpredictable forces of evil.

This epic beat'em up game, inspired by cult classics like Double Dragon, Golden Axe, Kungfu Master, and Streets of Rage, transports you to an exceptionally detailed fantasy world within Japanese feudalism. Venture into dark forests, enter the walls of feudal shrines, and confront various demons and yokai who hold power over their subjects.

As you face off against warriors and hordes of undead, your mission is to gather powerful combat skills and employ them in battles that will shape your destiny as heroes. Revel in traditional martial arts, powerful strikes, and special moves that will be the key to defeating mighty warlords aiming to destroy the world.

Alongside your companions, progress from battle to battle, from one dark corner of Japan to another, in an epic adventure brimming with action and emotions. This journey will demand not only physical strength but also strategic thinking as you train your character, an essential asset for victory.

Prepare for a clash against the forces of evil and save the world in Son of the Dragon King. Immerse yourself in Japanese folklore, combat demons, and prove that you're the hero capable of facing any challenge, no matter how formidable. The future of feudal Japan relies on your determination and courage. Are you ready for the challenge?

- Engage in a dynamic and immersive side-scrolling RPG beat 'em up as one of three characters, solo or in co-op, while venturing through and rescuing the fantasy world of feudal Japan.
- Environments significantly impact gameplay with destructible objects and items that can be wielded as weapons or utilized in crafting.
- Customize your combat arsenal by collecting and crafting weapons, accessories, and healing potions, all in an effort to save the world.
- Vivid, realistically-styled graphics infused with Oriental influences.
- Unique real-time combat system designed as a hybrid prototype for PC and console platforms.
- Diverse array of melee weapons, guns, and throwables like grenades, stones, daggers, etc., for taking down enemies.
- Classic gameplay seamlessly integrated with innovative mechanics.
- 29 levels within 9 distinct locations.
- 5 different training levels to enhance your characters abilities.
- 12 trinkets to get special ultimate chi-kung power or new passive skill.
- Comprehensive bestiary detailing each enemy's mythological origins.
- An epic narrative weaving throughout the game.