Entrant 2024

Cheesemaster Games


Stardew Valley meets Spirited Away! Spirittea is a cute, Studio Ghibli inspired cozy life sim. Humans have stopped worshipping and making offerings to spirits, and now they're in danger of becoming lost. The spirits are running rampant around town and causing all sorts of mischief, and they need your help to remember who they are! Not only is it your job to help all the spirits, but you've got a bathhouse to run! The town bathhouse has been abandoned for some time, but now you're here, it can be filled with paying customers!

You'll have plenty to do in Spirittea, including quests for the locals, hobbies such as fishing and bug catching, earning money managing the bathhouse, and much more! The town is filled with secrets and mysteries just waiting to be uncovered, so grab that shovel and get digging! That's the spirit!