Sushi Battle Rambunctiously

Entrant 2024

VisualLight Co., Ltd.


'Sushi Battle Rambunctiously' is a physics-based, 4-player competitive party game where sushi characters push and throw objects at each other, aiming to be the last one standing in stage. SBR offers players a thrilling and delightful experience.

Adorable and Savory Sushi Characters^^
- Create charming and iconic sushi characters by combining various colors of rice with several types of fish and ingredients.

A Zombie Sushi Onslaught!
- You can continue the game as a zombie sushi, even if your character is knocked out.
- No matter how many times they're beaten, zombie sushi can resurrect and prevent surviving Sushi from winning.

Wacky Movements Through Ragdoll Physics
- By using unpredictable and comical ragdoll physics, the sushi characters display even more personality.
- Keeping the characters' rice body and fish physics separate invigorates the character animations.

Grab, Throw, and Throw Some More!
- Any object lying around can be thrown.
- Hit your opponents with objects to stun them, then throw them out of the ring to become the undisputed champ!

Packed with Gimmicks and Devices
- Various traps and gimmicks on the stages keep gameplay fresh and exciting.
- Have fun discovering the gimmicks unique to each restaurant-themed stage.