Eufloria RPG

Entrant 2016

Omni Systems Ltd & Tuna


Eufloria RPG brings action RPG and exploration gameplay to the massively successful Eufloria universe. The game is inspired by classic roguelike games, action RPGs and genre favourites like Xenon II. However, our game adds progressive Euflorian elements:

• Evolve a unique floral ship that evolves over time, depending on your path and mission choices through the game.
• Create or liberate colonies of friendly seedlings and watch them grow into allied forces.
• Steal genetic material from enemies, and use it to grow and evolve your colonies.
• Collect Ancient Artifacts to further customise your evolving ship
• Enemies use intricate flocking routines to provide challenging AI.

Eufloria RPG has been designed from the ground up to be completely moddable, allowing players to create and share their own procedural adventures, artwork and animation.