EVA Infinity

Entrant 2016

Digital Opus


A puzzle/action game with a unique momentum-based navigation mechanic.

Adrift in space. No ship, no jetpack. Only minutes of air remain. Tether to space debris to navigate. Use momentum to maneuver objects. Controlling direction requires carefully timed attach and release. Your only means of thrust: throw one of your few tools or release precious air.

The infinite landscape threatens to swallow you up. Gravity anomalies, black holes and unknown dangers threaten from all sides. Gather limited resources and avoid the perils of the vast and unforgiving void as you try to find your way home.

Controls are simple: click to tether to objects, click to release, drag and release to thrust. Fuel is scarce, so rely on your tether for almost everything. Each level is a puzzle. Use limited available momentum to navigate and maneuver.

The fully controllable immersive cinematic camera gives you the sensation of drifting and swinging through space.