Entrant 2016

Dream Harvest


Failure is a rule-bending RTS that redefines the foundations of the genre. Combining elements of RTS, Card Battle Games and God games all set within a neon filled digital cyberspace world called the NeuroNet.

You are a Slicer, a hacker, able to manipulate the NeuroNet by summoning Constructs, buildings that spawn units that have their own AI and Functions, which allow you to change the landscape of the world and determine how units behave.

You must learn to build and personalize your own deck of scripts from code fragments and mods, building the ultimate deck for your play style. Do you rely on your units and constructs or your abilites to manipulate the world with Functions, or do you build a balaced deck that is equal parts Constructs and equal parts Functions. You must learn the perfect combinations and master your slicer abilites.

Timing and careful placement of your abilities along with quick reflexes are crucial if you are to succeed against other players and ultimately discover the secrets held deep within the vast Network.

You must prepare; build your Script deck, plan your strategy and maintain control of the NeuroNet's sectors by battling against players from other Factions.