The Falconeer: Warrior Edition

Entrant 2022

Tomas Sala


About the Falconeer

You take on the role of Falconeer, a powerful airborne warrior traversing a vast oceanic world torn apart by generations of poisonous decisions and dissent. Throughout multiple campaigns, you will experience life from many different perspectives and loyalties as you embark on a journey of discovery, and solve the mystery of the Ursee, its people and history.

Progress through perilous missions and side quests, wielding your lightning caster to protect ships against pirates, kraken and other threats. Dive through the deep ocean depths, soar above the clouds to do battle with giant crab cities or engage in furious dogfights against the mysterious Mancer Order that controls and regulates technology.

The game tells its story through a number of campaigns which each shed a different light on the same conflict, but if you stray from the linear campaigns into the open world, you may discover the roots of the conflict lie in a more human scale trauma and choices that reverberate through the history of the world.

Notable Features:
-Experience the free-flying escapism of flying a giant warbird across a stunning open world.
-Discover a vast oceanic world filled with lost myths and breathtaking landscapes.
-Soar above the clouds and engage in spectacular aerial dogfights.
-8-12 hours of handcrafted story missions across 4 major campaigns.
-Experience life as a Falconeer from many different perspectives.
-Survive and earn splinters to improve your gear and mount.
-An incredible voice cast brings to life the world within the Falconeer.
-Immerse yourself in the world of The Falconeer with an award-winning soundtrack by Benedict Nichols.
-A diverse cast of characters with a corresponding diverse cast of voice actors, directed by Mikee Goodman.