Fatal Velocity

Student Entrant 2013

The Art Institute of Vancouver
Range Plus One


Hello IGF!

Our team, Range Plus One, based out of The Art Institute of Vancouver, is extremely proud to submit the alpha build of our game, Fatal Velocity, to be considered for IGF's 2013 Student Competition. The game, as of the date of submission, will have been in development for five months, including preproduction.

As with most indie developers, we've pushed for innovation and uniqueness in our game. Built in UDK, we've created a first person shooter where the shooting is not the forefront of the gameplay. Our game emphasizes quick and creative thinking, such as pulling enemies into a gravity beam you've created to suck enemies into a lethal pit of fire. Our game embodies the concept of 3D gameplay, where the vertical axis is just as important as the other two and players have numerous options when it comes to mobility, either equipping a jetpack or using the force of a grenade to fly over the level. Finally, to even further distance ourselves from the competition, our game is multiplayer.