Fleeting Light

Student Entrant 2016

TRIDENT College of Information Technology Nagoya


Fleeting Light is a 2 player cooperative adventure game for touch devices. Unlike most multiplayer mobile games Fleeting Light does not use your WiFi connection to connect with another player but it is making use of good old split screen technology. This way the two players have to actually face each other and join hands on one shared device while trying to navigate through a mysterious world that won't let them advance if they do not communicate, coordinate and cooperate.

The two players find themselves in a dark and surreal world. When together their characters will radiate with brilliant light that lets them overcome the various obstacles that lie in their path. But from time to time they will be forced to part ways in order to advance. As soon as the connection between the two is cut off their light will quickly fade away until they fall victim to the darkness. Only if they reunite in time the two will have a chance to regain their incandescence and be able to continue their journey.

Fleeting Light is designed to be first and foremost a shared virtual experience that aims to bring two people closer together. Be it as a challenge for two good friends, or as an ice breaker for two complete strangers. And while of course being challenging and sometimes a bit mischievous in its obstacles, Fleeting Light always tries to be as accessible as possible - not only with a strong emphasis on visual aesthetics and a simple control scheme but also with features like separate language settings for each side of the screen. We hope to make mobile gaming a more social experience for you and the people right in front of you, whoever they might be.