Entrant 2013



This is a puzzle platformer for 1-2 players that centres around the mechanic of not being able to jump but instead being able to create a magic ladder whenever the player is on the ground. Progress through the game is measured by the number of gems collected that are spread throughout a map of connected rooms, some of them hidden by secret walls.

Ladders can be used to activate switches, bent round corners, pass through special teleporters, kill monsters, sent on journeys by moving platforms and most importantly they can also collect gems for you, creating a vast variety of opportunities for puzzles and action-challenges.

At any time a second player can jump into the game and help solve puzzles (some puzzles co-op only, some puzzles hackable with co-ordinated efforts) or split up to divide and conquer the search for gems. Leaving the game is just as simple, allowing players to teleport to each other when the need arises or take a break without interrupting the pace of the game.

The game world spreads across several themes (some visible in the trailer and screenshots) with many more mechanics than seen in the demo, including: fireballs that interact with ladder manipulating devices, magic ladder destroying goop, patrolling duck guards that can use your ladders and teleportation to save points at any time using your map.