Forsaken: Year One

Entrant 2017

Kymera Games


Human civilization is in shambles. You lead a group of survivors whose goal is to rebuild civilization as you see fit.
You begin in an infected village. Scour through infected buildings to find new resources to survive, clean them and convert them into what your new society needs (houses, hospitals, cafeteria...).
Along the way you will encounter other groups of survivors who have also escaped the apocalypse. You decide whether they join your community or leave them to fend for themselves. But be careful: not everyone can be trusted.
All your survivors have specific skills, personality traits and needs that you will have to fulfill if you want them to stay a happy and active member of the community. They will forge relationships, and eventually found new families.
As the world stretches far and wide, you will be able to send out expeditions beyond the borders of your village, find new recruits and locations to explore, and bring back resources to keep your community healthy and safe.
Be warned: this world is full of danger and you will have to make tough decisions. Not everyone can be saved with the meager resources at your disposal. Will you sacrifice those who don't benefit your community, or will you try and save everyone? The choice is yours.
Will you be a benevolent leader, or will you murder and rob those who don't agree with your vision of this new world?

- Rebuild civilization by cleaning and converting the buildings into armories, fortune hospital and more.
- Tactical turn based combat inspired by Divinity: Original Sin
- Resources are inspired by real survivalism methods
- Characters all have traits, skills and needs that you have to take in account in your decision making
- Decide whether you will be a benevolent leader or a cruel tyrant