Student Entrant 2013

Cogswell Polytechnical College
Team Fragment


Fragment is a 2D arcade-style game where you defend the last sliver of planet earth from insidious alien foes. Visit the houses to learn the recipes you need to survive, then gather wood and ore resources on the ground to build the recipes in order to defend your people before they are wiped out.
Some daring heroes may even find it within their power to use their spare resources to repair a disabled enemy spaceship and take the fight to the stars...

WASD or cursor control for movement.
Mouse for shooting.
"i" for inventory.

Visit each house to learn how to make items, collect ore and wood, make projectile weapons and ammo, shoot enemies that appear to prevent them from destroying your buildings, collect more ore and wood, repair disabled enemies to create your own spaceship to fly to space to defeat enemies before they have a chance to land.