Student Entrant 2020

University of Chicago
Kiwi Games


In this game, you play as Fungy, whose plant friends are dying due to climate change. Your goal is to go around and convince the residents of Zoozoo City to team up with you against Govcorp and take measures to stop climate change! You will enter dialogue-based combat and use rhetorical strategies to convince these characters to join your team!

The game is filled with caricatures of contemporary characters, such as:

An Instagram Influencer (who you can follow on Instagram by the way)
A Climate Change Denier who (rightfully) believes that he lives in a simulation
A hippie, a politician, a businesswoman, etc!

Each of these characters' personalities allow for fun witty dialogue and cultural references that easily resonate with contemporary audiences!

In addition, this game ends up providing players with information about climate change in a way that is completely embedded, and does not overwhelm the player as an "education game." An increasingly hot topic, we believe that Fungy is at the forefront of culture.