Entrant 2016

NeoCrux Ltd.


GalaCollider is a unique combination between a digital card game and a strategy game that is played on an ever-changing starmap. Set billions of years in the future in a time when Earth is but a distant memory and our galaxy is in the midst of a multi-million year collision with Andromeda.

GalaCollider creates a deep strategy experience. In a typical game, players begin on their Core World with two lonely colony ships. Watch your cards transform into 3D models while you explore exciting and potentially dangerous sectors, exploit their resources, and expand your empire. When you meet your opponents in war, every move can turn the tide in nail biting tactical battles. Your early game economy might be your foundation, but outwitting and adapting to your opponent's strategies can win the day through one of three win conditions: conquering your opponent's Core World, contesting all of their sectors, or amassing enough victory points.