Galactic Campaign

Entrant 2019



Six candidates will confront each other in a galactic electoral campaign in order to become the supreme chancellor. The campaign is at its peak, 100 days are left and six great powers are fighting for the control of the planets which will allow them to take power. By using a ''class 6 cruise ship'', they travel the universe and make choices that influence the votes of the diferent races.

You play one of the six candidates, a significant credit is granted to you, as well as wise advisors. Your mission : convince random planets to comply with the good ideology, yours, by all means.
Manipulate the local influences' factions to reverse the trends.
the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mislead or kill your opponent's agents. Ensure the prestige of your party by winning the space conquest, the trade routes or nominate one of your compatriot for the Nobel Peace Prize.

How far are you willing to go to win ?