Entrant 2021



This is our motto:

GameRoom - "A game creation engine which let teachers create escape room games with as little effort as creating a quiz"

And exactly this is what we did.


How it works :


1. Teachers pick a new topic to introduce (Eg: Atomic Physics)
2. In the next step, they enter a set of study notes, a related question, and the right answer
3. Finally, teachers generate a game and share a game code with students

Students :

1. Students enter a game code and initially witness the topic (Eg: Atomic Physics) of the game
2. Then, they interact with the room objects, find notes (which is given by teachers) and clues, unlock puzzles (which is created by our game engine from the questions and answers set that teacher provides) to get more clues, and finally escape the room with some knowledge of that particular topic.


GameRoom helps teachers introduce any new topic to students in the way they want them most. Also, it motivates self-learning among students. Also, it reduces the pain of teachers preparing the lesson plan :)

PS:- We are in an early stage of development.