Entrant 2016

Paloma Dawkins, Kyler Kelly, Catherine Debard


Gardenarium is a chill adventure taking place on a cloud in the sky. You land as a stranger and struggle to gain access to the mysterious Depot by picking up trash and making the land grow. The characters that inhabit cloud 9 are wrestling with strange and diverse personal issues that they share with you as a seemingly harmless traveler to a foreign land, but their faith in your abilities to reach the Depot are slim to none. It is only until reaching the final Sage that the true breadth of your powers are revealed to you.

Gardenarium is an experiment in carefully stylized 2D graphics with gameplay that tests player tendencies and expectations. Complete with undertones of an environmental message urging you to keep the land clean and help gardens grow. First game by animators turned coders, Paloma Dawkins and Kyler Kelly with music by Ylang Ylang. Produced with guidance and funding by KO_OP mode.