Genocide Dolphins

Entrant 2016

Radiant Silver Labs


On the far side of the universe lies the Screaming Tortoise nebula. An unhospitable alien environment of meteor storms, carnivorous wildlife and interdimensional abominations. Mankind's last hope for the future. You are one of the lucky few, leaving the dying Earth for a one-way trip through the World Portal to Screaming Tortoise 8, one of 10 planetoids terraformed by Architects like yourself to create a new home for humanity. The last vestiges of Earth's finest architecture jostle for space between grandiose neon-drenched skyscrapers and soul-crushing, disease-ridden slums. Here Earth's refugees rub shoulders with sentient droids, alien wildlife and the Wolongs; clones created in a desperate attempt to pull our species back from the brink of extinction. Here you may indulge in every vice and illicit pleasure you can conceive of, and some yet beyond your imagination. And here you will lead the fight against forces that would deny us our final chance of survival.