Ghost Parade

Entrant 2020

Lentera Nusantara


"Something scary is lurking in the woods…
and it needs your help!"

Ghost Parade is a 2-D side-scrolling adventure game follows the story of Suri, an elementary school girl who gets lost in a mysterious forest on her way home from school. What starts out as one girl's quest to get home on time soon becomes a fight to save the forest and its myriad supernatural inhabitants from shortsighted humans trying to level the forest for profit.

Get ready and join the ghostly allies to save their home from the true monster—human.

• Ghost of a Chance - It's dangerous to go alone! But, with 30 available ghost companions, you won't have to. Players can interact with up to 70 helpful spirits over the course of their adventures.
• A Brave New World - Go beyond the known and dive into a fully realized world based on Indonesian mythology and folklore.
• A Feast for the Eyes - Ghost Parade features beautiful art direction and thoughtful, original character designs, offering visuals as complex and dynamic as the story itself.

Surrounded by a beautiful, magical and mythical atmosphere, Ghost Parade BGM made with the touch of our local folksongs contains beautiful mantra embracing the classic and rich heritage of Indonesia. From the beautiful mythical "Luk-Luk Lumbu" of Banyuwangi till the heroic warrior mantra "Mohing Asang" of Dayak Ot Banum.

The main conflict in this game's story exists because people started to destroy the forest, which is home to many ghosts and animals. We want to raise awareness of our player regarding cultural conservation and many environmental issues such as deforestation that burned the forest and endangered animals. Through this game, we want people to believe that human can be more dangerous than ghosts!

All of the ghost companions are inspired by Indonesian spirits in the local folklore and legends.

 Nevertheless, we make the ghosts have a kind personality with a cute appearance. This differentiates our ghost concept from most other ghost-themed games that usually have a "Horror" genre.

 As we don't want to make the ghost characters scary and antagonizing them, instead they had their own world and life that humanity might interfere and caused catastrophe into their nature.