Goodnight, Lily

Student Entrant 2021

DigiPen Institute of Technology
Something Edgy


Flee the dark by navigating through nightmares made reality in Goodnight, Lily, a 2D platformer that throws you into the domain of your worst fears. Playing as a young girl named Lily, you must conserve lantern fuel to protect yourself from a host of terrors that threaten you as you find your way home.

Scramble your way through hostile encounters, obstacles, and the ever encroaching darkness. Seek out the light and brave the enclosing horrors of the inky nightmare. Conquer the dreaded trial and escape to the waking world with courage to face the next night.

Key Features:
Rich and Dark Visuals
Traverse three beautiful levels with unique illustrative atmospheres that manifest a fantastic dreamscape.
Ethereal Lighting
Unique light interactions that highlight safety in the environment, and the dreamlike state the player finds themselves in.
Otherworldly and Chilling Music
Dynamic and unique audio featuring eerie lullabies and intense percussion that adapts to each environment.