grab the bottle

Entrant 2018

Kamina Dimension


Grab the bottle is also called "one of the most frustrating puzzle games".
It has received many positive comments since closed beta. The ebullient players also made many funny videos about the game on Youtube and other video channels.
Now the official launch date is coming. Come and exert your imagination to make laugh!
"Grab the bottle with your stretching arms!!"

【The story of the game 】
Things began in the 1950s. One particular baby was left at home. He was hungry and dying for the milk over the far distance table. The idea pushes him to take the first step. He surprisingly discovered that it seemed he owned an infinitely long arm!
This free extending arm has accompanied with the boy for his lifetime. The boy used the arm to grab different bottles. In babyhood, the boy grabbed the nursing bottle. After growing up, he was eager for coke and watching Olympic games with families. During the period of great depression, he wanted a cold beer after work. All of these above were not only about a lifetime of a boy, but also the problems we have been through and solved in the real world starting from the 1950s.


*Unique puzzle solving gameplay
The game sets different sorts of tricks and items. Players need to figure out a best solution based on what they can find in the game. Otherwise, the bottles may never be touched. It is the time to show off your intellect!

*The unique Pop Art design
The game art is mixed with 50s' Pop art and comics. During the time of solving all the puzzles, please enjoy the story telling.