Student Entrant 2013

Shobi University


This is a 2D puzzle action game to "transform" the weight of each object.
In the real world there is a weight to everything, there is a
different weight, respectively.
In general, you should never change and weigh.
However, you can freely be varied if the weight of the object, that I
wonder what happened?
From such interest, the idea of the game was born.

In the game we will solve the mystery of the stage feeling like
solving a puzzle,by replacing the weight of the object and the
hero,Lighten the heavy things, the heavy things light.
By replacing the weight, and also crush the enemy hero becomes heavy,
hero can also ride on the object to sink and weights.
To the contrary,and lighter, hero will be able to go to the high
places that were previously out of reach.

The type of weight,
・ "Normal" - the same as the normal weight of the hero.
・ "Light" - hero can go on to emerge, to jump down from the ceiling.
・ "Heavy" - force jump down. But the only allows attack. Hero can be
sinking down riding on the light ones.
※ reset device:
By converting this and hero weight, all weight is reset to the original weight.