Kosmic Fighter Chicken

Student Entrant 2017

Indiana University of Bloomington
Broadmore Tung


Kosmic Fighter Chicken is the merging between two different game styles. One being StarFox a 3D Space Shooter, and the other being Dynasty Warriors. What I am taking from Starfox is it's high speed/simple 3D arena Dogfights and applying the massive amounts of enemies that Dynasty warriors has to offer. The game's theme mainly circles around team improbable meets a B-List Movie levels of ridiculousness.

You are Philly Grylls a space cadet tasked with an important(suicide) mission to probe the enemies defenses for the Paw Frontier, you are given the most talented(expendable) team to face everything that the evil general Lord Croak. Also you can only speak in chicken, while other people speak perfectly clear English. Good Luck