Entrant 2016



KUKABALL is an innovative soccer game app that places the player physically in the game through physical interactions with the ball using fingers. KUKABALL aims to entertain people in short breaks (45 seconds total game duration) while enforcing imagination and creativity. The player has to come up with quick creative moves to score against the Kuka (goalie).

In KUKABALL, you can have fun interactions through your fingers with a soccerball/football (dribbling, shooting, passing) with the ultimate aim of scoring as many goals as you can against the Kuka (the Turkish name for a cone) in 45 seconds. You have to be creative with your interactions with the ball to score goals (inter alia, you can dribble the ball to certain angles then shoot, you can pass off screen borders or shoot off screen borders). As a benchmark, hopefully, you will beat the developer's highest score of 23 goals in 45 seconds. Or if you don't want to be competitive, just play it for fun and make creative plays to defeat the Kuka.

Scoring a good number of goals against the Kuka (goalie) requires that the player develop the necessary skills to handle the ball with fingers in appropriate ways (as is the case when people learn to play soccer with their feet). So the player is challenged in a fun way to improve ball handling and shooting skills to be able to score more goals against the Kuka. Mostly, the Kuka will not let the ball in for a score by just a single shot and the player needs to make creative plays (i.e. dribble to an appropriate angle and shoot, make passes of the screen borders and then shoot). As ball handling skills of the player improves, the player becomes capable of scoring more goals however the Kuka is also adaptive to the skill level of the player and its performance as goalie also improves.