Last Encounter

Entrant 2018

Exordium Games


Last Encounter lets you become a space pilot and navigate various spacecrafts through diverse galaxies filled with strange beings and alien environments.

Advanced technology lets you clone your avatars so death is not the end. Each new clone is teleported into new sectors in space discovering the always changing procedurally generated layouts and hazards.

- Twin stick action rogue-lite gameplay, easy to pick up – hard to master
- Procedurally generated space biomes filled with a variety of enemies and hazards
- Unlockable and upgradeable space ships and components
- Deep space Mini-boss and Boss fights let you prove your piloting skills
- Perma-death game loop, each run is a new chance
- Local co-op up to 4 players, perfect for couch co-op fun
- Component based weapon system enables hundreds of possible weapon combinations