Let Them Come

Entrant 2017

Klemen Lozar


Let them Come is a fast paced shoot-em-up that honors retro 16bit pixel art and nods to key action movie themes from the late 80's. You play ROCK GUNAR, a mercenary for hire, employed by Infini Corp to destroy alien hordes that threaten to wipe them out. Wave upon wave of aliens, of all different kinds, will descend on you in true horde style, each time getting a little more difficult, a little more tactical. It's up to fast trigger fingers, a solid arsenal of weapons and sheer brute tactics to stay alive to fight another wave. Boss aliens will seriously challenge you, and only if you earn enough to upgrade your weapons and loadout will you be able to destroy them.

Although the struggle is real, don't ever give up - success is just one bullet away! Rockin' tunes will help to drown out the screams of the alien masses and help you keep your cool as you load up once again to face the oncoming chaos.