Lissitzky's Revenge

Entrant 2016

Pie For Breakfast Studios


Lissitzky's Revenge is an action game based on the poster Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge (El Lissitzky, 1920) using paper cut-outs as the art medium. Players are a red wedge and must destroy the white circle in each scene by solving puzzles based on works by Lissitzky. As players interact with the game, they encounter constructivist interpretations of classic arcade games such as Yar's Revenge (Atari, 1982) and Frogger (Konami, 1981). This Suprematist game is a simple action game for games' sake - or is it actually a Constructivist propagandha game? Will you play the way it tells you to or will you think for yourself?

Lissitzky's Revenge is part of the Atelier Games project. The Atelier Games project is a series of games based on the work of famous artists and art movements. The project is named after the atelier learning method within fine or decorative arts, where an apprentice studies under an established master artist. The gameplay of these games is based on themes apparent in each artist's work. Likewise, the methods for creating the art for each game will be derived from the artist's own method. The purpose of this project is to explore new art production techniques using real-world artist materials to determine the viability of such methods in common game production.

This game has been featured on Kill Screen and and was shown at Baltimore Artscape and the Smithsonian American Art Museum Innovation in Art event.