Entrant 2019

Local No. 12


Losswords turns classic literature into an addictive word puzzle game. Players unscramble passages from famous works, and as they advance, they unlock new puzzles and add books to their library—from Pride and Prejudice to Pygmalion. Losswords lets you curl up and play your favorite books.

Losswords includes hundreds of literary classics from public domain book collections like the Project Gutenberg library. There are dozens of different kinds of word puzzles, from filling in blanks to rearranging lines of text. As far as we know, this is the first game where you can dive in and play with the actual written words from so many classic books.

And it's fun! After playing a prototype of Losswords, Michelle Ehrhardt of Kill Screen wrote, "As novel as the game is, it plays with the same confidence as a 100-year old classic."

Losswords is the latest creation of Local No. 12 - the folks responsible for The Metagame.