A Maze in Love

Entrant 2018

Well Done Games


What is love?

Isn't it a maze of smiles, winks, carelessly spoken words, omissions and hints? A maze, where only feelings can pass through, not the logic?

Join the Boy in his journey to reach Girl's heart, help him figure out the delicate matter of relationships to find his love.

- Gorgeous AR mode;
- 80+ completely diverse stages, that show the history of Boy's and Girl's relationship;
- Go to a movie theater, park, swim on boat or even reach the stars;
- Procedurally generated levels in endless mode to fill the time while you're waiting for your date;
- Beautiful minimalist art-style that will melt your heart;
- Short sessions that can be played on the go;
- Various mechanics that will make your maze adventures fun and unforgettable;
- Collect unique postcards and share it with whom you love.