Entrant 2017

AVCV Games


In the not too distant future, a civil conflict has arisen in America which has turned into full-blown, social rebellion. After dozens of religious protestors were accidentally slaughtered in a Federal raid, a group of political reformist called "The Movement" has become tasked with getting an important message to legislators. The challenge is getting this message through hostile environments and typical channels of communication aren't an option. Neither local authorities or common citizens are aware of this initiative, nevertheless, the Feds have become suspicious as a lone courier robot begins to make its way across the country. For the Movement, protection of this message and its Messenger are of the utmost priority.

Monitoring the progress of this Messenger will be the job of a lone, ex-military, satellite operations specialist simply known as Ghost. Employing a network of top secret satellite defenses, formerly referred to as "The Three Sisters" in redacted DOD files, Ghost will provide surveillance and protection for the Messenger robot as it makes its journey.